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Skittlemonsterrr :))
Highest Weight: Approx. 213lb
Current Weight: 196
Goal Weight: 150, although I'll never be "Done." :)

WARNING: I do reblog mature content from time to time, for this reason my blog is 18+ only. Please and thank you! :)

22. Early Childhood Education Student.

I've struggled with weight my entire life but was never very successful. When I was pregnant I found out I have a gene mutation that can cause a LOT of different health issues and that a healthy weight, diet, and overall lifestyle is the best way to fight it. I had my beautiful baby girl April 2, 2013 and now I am DETERMINED to change. I want to live a healthy lifestyle for myself and so that she will grow up with a happy healthy mommy!

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i love catfish so much because they act like theyre fbi agents or something when theyre really just using reverse google image search

i thought you meant the animal and let me tell you that was a wild minute of me trying to figure out the psychology of fish thinking they’re federal law enforcement


Drink hella water, eat hella fruit

She understood that the hardest times in life to go through were when you were transitioning from one version of yourself to another.

Sarah Addison Allen, Lost Lake (via texaszetalove)
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